TFT Monitors

  DoctorButcher 20:11 17 Oct 2004

Thinking of buying one to replace my hulking CRT monitor. Found this on Overclockers at a reasonable price - click here

Good/Bad monitor for games?

  Peter 22:35 17 Oct 2004


I think some gamers might say that 25 mS was too slow for games. There are quite a few 16 mS TFT LCD screens available and I understand that 12 mS one are coming onto the scene soon.


  JonnyTub 22:48 17 Oct 2004
  shortcircuit 23:10 17 Oct 2004

I have an LG 1710 which has 16ms refresh. I can see some ghosting with this, so would NEVER go higher than that. I have bought 4 LG TFT monitors and all arrived with zero dead pixels. Very impressed!

I like TFT for the space saving at home...but my flat screen 19" CRT at work is so much better for quality.But it was £260!

  alan227 23:15 17 Oct 2004

I have the LG1720b, which has a 16ms response time.
I thought about the 19" till i saw it was a 25ms response time
The 17" I brought arrived with no dead pixels and is brilliant for games.

If you are not into games, go for the 19".

  Philwane 09:42 18 Oct 2004

I have just bought the LG1915S it has a 12ms response time and I am quite happy with it you can get it from here click here

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