TFT Monitor Specs

  User-DC593ADF-8DFC-41A0-B9DA42213177CA53 12:53 16 May 2003

My son wants to get a TFT monitor for his new PC.
which he'll be using for playing some games on.

I've been checking the forum for info, and found one thread that stated that a response time of 25mS or less is desirable.

Now, given that he has a limited budget and will be looking at sub £200 monitors, I think this spec item is more likely to be around 45mS.

What I'd like to know is how important this is, will he really notice anything?

  Xevious 12:57 16 May 2003

depends what type of games he wants to play

  duplo 13:32 16 May 2003

On fast moving games he well, such as UT2003. If its a new PC with a good graphics card then it would be a shame to have a slow response time TFT. I would recoment a CRT, 17" Flat or 19" Flat for that price, and save for a 17" Digital TFT (if your new PC graphics card has this output).

If you dont need to save the space, then use the money on a CRT.


Are you buying a PC from a company such as Multivision... etc? If so they sometime offer an upgrade option to a TFT. Ask which model they offer and see if its any good!? Sometimes a £200 with get you a decent TFT upgrade!

  topdraw 17:48 16 May 2003

Unless as duplo say's it's about the space issue, then you would be much better off buying a top quality CRT monitor such as the 17" Mitsubishi Diamond Pro 750SB rather than a lower quality TFT monitor.

  Djohn 17:53 16 May 2003

click here and have a look in the forums for TFT displays and gaming.

TFT monitors are now highly recommended for this type of use. I myself have a 17" TFT, it runs through the, "Mad Onion 3D test" with ease, also my laptop will display games and DVD movies with perfect clarity. J.

  King Diamond 17:57 16 May 2003

Get a 19" from here -

click here

Great prices and fast delivery. Just look for a good dot-pitch, around .27 is good. I bought a Philips 19" .27 with 85mhz refresh and it's great. 19" is great for gaming and ergonomically better for the eyes.

  barrie_g 19:36 16 May 2003

Argos 15" tft

Connection 15pin D-sub.

Plug and play.

Weight 3.3kg.

Viewing angle horizontal: 120, vertical:100.

Panel 15in 0.297mm dot pitch TFT.

Colours: 262k/16.7m

Contrast ratio 300:1.

Brightness 250CD/sq m.

Power input 100 - 240VAC, 50/60Hz.

Power consumption 30 watt.

Power saving EPA, VESA.

Sync signal TTL.

Response time 30ms/20ms.

H-Frequency range 30-60kHz.

V-Frequency range 55-75Hz.

Max resolution 1024 x 768.

3 year on site warranty.


  barrie_g 19:39 16 May 2003

and I would assume that with it being argos that if you dont like it you can take it back within 16 days for a full refund but best to check this first as this does not apply to some items

Thanks to all who responded.

In the end, as space was limited, my son decided to spend a bit more and we bought a Sony SDM-HS53 which is working fine and we're very impressed with the performance and the styling.


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