TFT monitor not switching on properly

  CurlyWhirly 18:49 05 Jun 2011

I've not long had my TFT monitor replaced after it developed a screen fault as mentioned in this thread.

It's working okay with no sign of the pesky vertical lines that plagued the other monitor but it has developed a problem when either the screensaver kicks in (I've now disabled the screensaver) or when the PC is first booted up.

The problem is that the monitor doesn't switch itself on even though I haven't changed any settings of any kind and yes the monitor's power light is on - it's green when in standby mode.

What should happen is that the monitor should detect a display signal from the PC's graphics card and switch itself on.

I can eventually get the monitor's screen to work by switching the monitor on and off a few times but it's a pain having to do this all the time !

Does anyone know what could be wrong as I've never had this problem with the old monitor i.e. the monitor with the vertical line problem that has now been replaced.

I really don't want to ring Dell up again as it's barely a fortnight since I had the monitor replaced under Dell's 3 year on-site warranty !

Any advice?


  woodchip 18:57 05 Jun 2011

It should be cvered buy a warranty if they changed it, I would ring them

  CurlyWhirly 19:05 05 Jun 2011

woodchip, yes it is covered by a 12 month guarantee but I don't really want to bother Dell again as they might think I'm a problem customer !

It's not as much of a problem as I used to have with the vertical lines and it now only happens when I first switch the PC on as I've disabled the screensaver which used to switch the monitor off after 30 minutes if no key or mouse button is pressed.

I can live with the problem if there's no solution ;)


  woodchip 19:16 05 Jun 2011

That's why they give a warranty. Its there for your protection and there name. so I think they would rather you be satisfied customer, with your equipment than not tell them or Grumble that may be its of poor quality.

  CurlyWhirly 20:16 05 Jun 2011

woodchip, okay I'll ring them again tomorrow.

Cheers mate :)

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