TFT monitor issue

  MJTHFC 23:11 07 Feb 2010

Hi all

Had my desktop PC for over a year now and been using an existing 17inch TFT monitor that I already had.

In the last day the monitor has been flickering badly with really thin horizontal white lines over the whole screen. It's making it virtually impossible to look at.

Now I think the problem lies with the monitor itself. I've checked all connections and the graphics card, but when I unplug the monitor from the PC and the monitor itself displays "Entering powersaver mode" for a couple of seconds, the flickering continues.

Anyone got any ideas as to what this is? Is my monitor dying? Why would this suddenly start out of the blue?



  birdface 08:43 08 Feb 2010

Try another monitor if you can.
Try device manager if you can and see if there is any yellow exclamation marks beside any of the drivers.

  donki 10:01 08 Feb 2010

Since the monitoe continues to flicker when it is unplugged from the GFX card I would say your monitor has had it. Chck the warrantee details for the monitor, I know some companies cover panels for 3 years. If you have a lap top or anything else you can hook the monitor that would be an ideal way to check it. Google the make and model of your monitor and see if it is a comnon problem.

  DieSse 10:10 08 Feb 2010

"Why would this suddenly start out of the blue?"

Like any hardware failure - it works up until the time it fails - then it doesn't work.

Yes there will be a reason why a component has failed - but we will never discover the reason.

  canarieslover 10:30 08 Feb 2010

Mine was 5 years old and suddenly just went dark and faded away last week. Let it cool for 5 minutes and it worked for 15 seconds, obviously some component overheating but I wasn't going to pull it apart to try to find out which one. THT monitors are pretty cheap now so it wasn't as painful as I thought to get a quite reasonable one, mind you I'm not a gamer.

  MJTHFC 20:25 08 Feb 2010

Ah, ok. Brought home an old monitor from work and it works perfectly so I'm guessing that my monitor has an issue.

Probably a lot less hassle to splash out on a new one then try and work out what's wrong with it (and a good excuse to go from 17in to 22in wide!)

And whilst I've got your attention, I'm no expert in monitors so what do you make of the one below? I'm no gamer but use it for work (including Photoshop) and web (including web design)...

click here

Thanks all!

  MJTHFC 20:48 08 Feb 2010

Oh, and one other that seems to get good reviews everywhere (though a little pricier)...

click here


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