tft monitor flickering

  robert-298198 18:33 04 Jan 2004

Don't know if anyone can help but I have a 10 month old advent pc and am using an LG Flatron monitor. Problem is I am getting a flickering across the screen which is driving me mad. LG have been brilliant, sent me out two replacement monitors but after checking on PC at work the monitor is NOT AT FAULT. PC world have sent engineer out to fit two new graphics cards and now a new motherboard but the screen is still flickering! Have downloaded latest drivers for both graphics card and monitor but still flickering. Doesn't do it all the time but when it does decide to do it it is distracting. Keep getting a blueish tinge to the display, which reverts back to normal for a second or two and then kicks in again. Touching the side of the monitor helps for a while but problem soons starts again. Same monitor connected to work PC can be picked up and moved around with no flickering!! Please help!!!!!

  ahales42 18:56 04 Jan 2004

Have you tried moving the comp to a different room? If it works ok at work, then there could be something near to where your monitor normally is that`s causing interference.

  wee eddie 22:09 04 Jan 2004

I seem to remember such a problem in 2002 which was solved by the removal of a microwave from the other side of the wall

  robert-298198 05:20 05 Jan 2004

Thanks for your prompt replies but have tried pc in another room and problems still persists. Also, the microwave is not in the vicinity of the wall where the pc is situated.
Funnily enough, PC World also suggested the microwave thingy!!
When I say that the screen "flickers" I mean that the whole screen takes on a blue tinge which will revert back to normal colours after a second or two or if I tap the monitor. It will then take on a yellow tinge and then blue again etc.
I can still read text and distinguish pictures ok when it does it but it is an annoyance more than anything else.

  Jabba10 09:41 05 Jan 2004

Have you tried a new cable. If the monitor is fine at work, then it may be that the cable connection (from the computer to the monitor) you have at home is faulty.

Sorry if I'm being really simple but sometimes its the simple things that are overlooked!

  robert-298198 18:48 05 Jan 2004

Thanks Jabba, you are right the simple things are sometimes overlooked.........will "borrow" the cable from the monitor at work tomorrow and try this, fingers crossed!!!

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