TFT monitor and digital connections?

  Jabba10 18:12 21 Sep 2003

Hi all

Just a bit of advice from those of you in the know...

I'm about to purchase a TFT monitor and was debating whether or not to pay a little extra and get one with a DVI connection (as my graphics card has one of these).

Does it make any difference to the display?...or am I better off saving £40-50 and sticking with an analogue connection

Would appreciate your views.

  Djohn 18:20 21 Sep 2003

I would say that as you have the graphics card, then yes, it is worth it. The difference though is very small and probably not noticed by the human eye, but will show on a test program. If you did not already have a DVI connection card, then I think it would not be worth buying a new card.

  spikeychris 18:21 21 Sep 2003

Fom an FAQ

New connector types are popping up on all sorts of sources (notebooks, desktops, scalers, and DVD players) and displays (plasmas, LCD monitors, and projectors). The new technology behind these connectors allows for direct digital connections between your source and your display leaving you with pixel-for-pixel accurate images on your display. Inside your computer the video information is processed digitally and sent to the display. The display also processes the information digitally. If a VGA or other analog-type cable is used to connect these two devices, then the digital signal must be down-converted to analog to pass over the cable and converted back up to digital to be shown on the display. Thus, bypassing this conversion creates noise-free images with perfect color and timing accuracy.

  Liam101 19:55 21 Sep 2003

I have a Samsung Syncmaster TFT 171P and the drivers and cables attached give you a chance to have either connected and running on the graphics card. Both Djohn And Spikeychris above are correct - there is a differance and I only use the DVI connector and driver now as opposed to the analogue.


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