TFT monitor dead pixels

  dmertl 15:54 23 Feb 2004

I have just bought a GNR F173 17" TFT monitor and a single red pixel has appeared at the bottom centre of the screen.

I phoned the shop where i bought it to enquire and they told me that it is an overactive pixel and that I should leave on the monitor for a couple of days and it should go.

Is this right? or do they not know what they are talking about??

  Diodorus Siculus 16:06 23 Feb 2004

Never heard of that one but am open to learning something new every day!

  Paranoid Android 16:12 23 Feb 2004

It sounds like you've got a bright pixel, but I'm not clear that it will go away on its own. FYI here is a link to the GRN FAQ page discussing acceptable limits on flat panel displays.

click here


  Diemmess 17:48 23 Feb 2004

In this hard world I feel you should ask for an exchange.

A faulty display these days is just not acceptable and tough on the shop, but let it be their risk and not yours that the red pixel/s will vanish in a couple of days!!!

  Diodorus Siculus 18:08 23 Feb 2004

I seem to remember that there are a limited number of dead pixels allowed... don't know if this is the case for "bright red" ones.

  Rayuk 18:12 23 Feb 2004

You will have to check their dead pixel policy,you can of course try your luck in getting them to replace it.

You could get a piece of cloth that you use for cleaning glasses and just rub gently where the pixel is,it may or may not work,just rub gently.

  961 18:49 23 Feb 2004

When you think of how much these things cost in comparison to CRT I can't help think I would go spare if mine arrived with dead pixels

Seem to me the only way to buy these just now is to see them working in the shop. Mail order seems out of the question

I accept they are difficult to manufacture but this is surely taken into account when pricing

  citadel 18:49 23 Feb 2004

only class 1 tft monitors are guaranteed to have no dead pixels. These are the most expensive.

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