TFT Monitor Connection ?

  Alan Ryan 11:37 06 Dec 2004

I'm thinking about getting a TFT replacement for my CRT monitor. Am I likely to have problems with connecting the TFT ? I'm not confident that Windows XP will handle the changeover without a few difficulties. What should I check out before making a move here ? Thanks for any advice.

  Diemmess 12:10 06 Dec 2004

I know of no problem, simply a straight swop.

The most likely flaw is an unattractive display until you have set the resolution, usually this is 1280x1024

  stlucia 12:19 06 Dec 2004

Just make sure the monitor is not digital-input only or, if it is, that your video card can support a digital monitor. Most TFT/LCD monitors will be a direct plug-in replacement for your old CRT monitor.

  Alan Ryan 12:38 06 Dec 2004

Can I get information about what video card is installed through System Information ?

  Djohn 13:35 06 Dec 2004

The main thing to do before disconnecting your CRT is to change the refresh rate down to 60hz. Most CRT's are set higher than this [75 - 100Hz]and TFT's like to work at 60 or 75 Hz But if you forget to lower it before connecting the TFT it won't do any harm just that you may not get a display only a message saying "Signal out of range". Because there is no display you can't see to alter it!

You can of course reconnect the CRT or boot up in safe mode to make the alteration [Like I had to!] ;o) but doing it first will save you the trouble.

TFT's will work at a couple of resolutions different than the native one but they never look right, best to stick to native resolution which is different for screen size but also sometimes it will be different on the particular model.

Average setting for a 17" TFT is 1280x1024 but some are higher than this (1600x1200). Good article to read before buying is this one on 19" TFT's informs you of the different types of TFT panel, speed of pixels turning on/off/on again. [Not quite as important as you may think] and viewing angles.

Look for 160 degrees as a minimum and if you can find one in your selection with a viewing angle of 175 degrees then you will have the next best thing to a CRT in this respect.

How to pick a good TFT from click here

  stlucia 13:41 06 Dec 2004

Yes, System Info > Devices will give you the info. Then maybe use Google to look up your card on the web if it doesn't tell you everything.

But, if you're just looking for a simple straight replacement I would go for a non-digital monitor anyway, so you needn't worry about your card spec.

  Alan Ryan 14:38 06 Dec 2004

Thanks for the very useful advice and the web link. I'm just off to browse the AnandTech guide in a minute.

  Alan Ryan 14:40 06 Dec 2004

Thanks: I'll get the identity of the card at the place you suggest and if I need any more info, trawl through a Google search.

  TomJerry 14:44 06 Dec 2004

your G-card will have vga (link to CRT now). Some with TV out (s-video) which is rounded one.

If you find a strange looking "square" one, it is a DVI connector.

no need to worry anything, almost all TFT montors have vga connector, just buy and enjoy.

  Alan Ryan 14:52 06 Dec 2004

Yes: I have an an ouput that looks as though it will take a 3 x 8 = 24 (plus another 4 on the right) connection. It's unoccupied at the moment and I assume this is DVI-I spot where my TFT will be connected ?

  stlucia 08:40 07 Dec 2004

I think I shouldn't have mentioned digital monitors!!

As TomJerry says, ALMOST ALL TFT/LCD monitors can be plugged into your analogue (vga) monitor connection which your CRT monitor is currently plugged into, so don't worry too much about checking your PC's connections unless you have a good reason to specifically want to go digital.

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