TFT Monitor with clear surround

  Grady 16:56 14 Mar 2004

Any idea where I would buy a TFT monitor with a clear surround?

  Diemmess 17:14 14 Mar 2004

"Beige, Black, or Silver - Sunshine", "Hurry along please."

Why Clear?

  Grady 07:25 16 Mar 2004

I just like the look of the Mac ones

  mdshamilton 09:54 16 Mar 2004

A monitor is a monitor...why not buy a Mac TFT monitor then?

  Diemmess 11:05 16 Mar 2004

I have this feeling that if you go for a "Mac~anything" you will find you are playing a different game from humble PC owners. You could have difficulty in finding any choice among retailers, and a reluctance on their part to sell an Apple Mac monitor without the computer as well.

Good luck with your dream anyway.

  Kate B 14:36 16 Mar 2004

Diemmess, you can find Apple monitors easily .. Dabs has a 17" TFT monitor (gorgeous clear surround) for £586.32; John Lewis online has the 17" for £549 and the 20" for £1,049. If you do a search in the forum there have been a couple of strands about how to use Mac peripherals with PCs (I initiated one and replied to another).

  Djohn 15:14 16 Mar 2004

Yep "Mac" monitors will work fine with PC's just as the "Mac" keyboards will. They also are nice to use. j.

  Diemmess 17:24 16 Mar 2004

Sorry,........ Long long ago a schoolmaster said "The way to pass exams my boy is not to show your knowledge, but to hide your ignorance."

....Wouldn't surprise me if Kate B has helped me in the past with suggested gizmos to allow my PC to communicate (with a local firm of printers,) via a very old Apple Mac Powerbook.

  Inigo 17:48 16 Mar 2004

Sidenote: if you get a Mac monitor, you'll need an ADC --> DVI converter. (If I remember right; ADC is the connection that Macs tend to use instead of DVI...).

Also, the Mac monitors are due for a refresh soon, probably to be replaced with a silver one to match the G5.

  Kate B 18:01 16 Mar 2004

Yeah, I use a Mac keyboard and mouse at home (though keep a two-button mouse handy, sometimes you just can't avoid needing the right-click). But I don't think I've ever found any widgets to enable PCs to talk to elderly Powerbooks - sorry!

  Diemmess 17:15 17 Mar 2004

It is nice to throw a little light in a dark corner.

I was able to replace the removable floppy drive with a - MacAlley 2 port USB Cardbus PCMCIA card from click here KRCS Group (Nottingham) were very friendly and helpful, found this for me and checked first before selling, to make sure it was compatible.

OK, its not USB speed but fine with a memory stick just to swop data around.

The bubble wrapped widget had no drivers, but pleased to say I found those on the Apple site

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