tft monitor

  rambus 08:56 24 Aug 2003

whats the best resolution setting for a 17inch
tft monitor, at present using 80x600, if i go higher some web sites appear to look not very well suited to higher settings, any help would be very welcome, thanks

  Lozzy 08:59 24 Aug 2003

All depends on personal taste.. Mine is set to 1024x768

  Diemmess 11:47 24 Aug 2003

Your video card also plays a part.

You might have a more pleasant result if you select High Colour in the display settings. If you use less than this, various shades will look blocky or patchy.

My 17" TFT monitor uses 1280 by 1024 resolution which in some ways is a bit much (not all the slightly smaller numbers are stable on mine!), but as Lozzy says its a matter of taste.

  The Sack 13:09 24 Aug 2003

All 17" TFTs have a native resolution of 1280x1024, you dont have to run it at that but that is where text will be at its sharpest.

BTW if you find the text etc a bit on the small side at 1280x1024 just increase the font size.

  Rayuk 13:43 24 Aug 2003

Also have you set it to use "clear type"

  marinbob100 14:25 24 Aug 2003

How do you set clear type?

I can't seem to that option.


  DieSse 14:52 24 Aug 2003

Clear Type - Win XP only

Right Click on desktop - Choose Properties - Appearance - Effects - Tick the box for "use the following method to smooth edges of screen fonts" - select Clear Type.

  Djohn 17:12 24 Aug 2003

17" TFT will look much better at it's native reolution of 1280x1024, yes the text can be a little on the small size, but that is the best display you will have, for that size of screen.

  rambus 21:06 24 Aug 2003

thank you all for your views,i have reset to 1280x1024 and must admit that as the day has moved along i have become more accustomed to the new settings. i have to say that after using a 15inch crt for so long it did feel very strange at first.
thanks for all your replys.

  Ironman556 21:25 24 Aug 2003

If you want larger text on icons you can set it in XP in the display properties (right click desktop and select properties). I can't remember which tab, but you can set the text larger if you want to.

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