TFT making high pitched buzzing sound?

  Baskerville 13:26 17 Jan 2010

Hi All,

I have a 17' TFT monitor, just over a month ago it started to make a low pitched buzzing noise when in use, now it is getting worse and can be heard downstairs when the TFT is in a upstairs bedroom, can anyone advise as what it could be? is it sick and needs the bin? picture on it is very good at all times just the buzzing noise making a racket.

It's 4 years old so out of Medion guarantee,

Thaks for any help,


  johndrew 13:43 17 Jan 2010

Does the buzzing sound a bit like a florescent tube in a household light fitting?

Does it change if you raise/lower the brightness?

Don`t know the monitor; has it got internal speakers and is the noise from them? Try turning the sound off to find out.

There have been many similar reports and it could be the monitor is failing. On the other hand it may be dampness.

  Baskerville 14:01 17 Jan 2010


Yes it sounds like florescent tube but very loud and does not change on + or - brightness, just stays the same.
It has no internal speakers and the noise is coming from within the unit.
It has a Medion badge on it as it was from Aldi but will be a re-badged TFT from anywhere.
Aldi stuff is usually very good, maybe it has just given up the ghost and is on it's way out?



  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:10 17 Jan 2010

I'm sure I read a similar thread on the forum recently where some one said that the connections to he backlight tube "dried out" and this sound was due to to high resistance and arcing, cured by resoldering the connection.

It may also be the inverter buzzing.

  woodchip 16:11 17 Jan 2010

I would go so far as to take it back, sounds like faulty Inverter

  Baskerville 16:14 17 Jan 2010


It's out of warranty, bought it in 2004 !



  woodchip 18:43 17 Jan 2010

Only thing you can do, ear muffs or a new Inverter

  I am Spartacus 19:05 17 Jan 2010

I have an Acer TFT that did that and it is very annoying. Changing the brightness setting fixed it for me so it may be worth experimenting with the various menu options.

  VoG II 19:06 17 Jan 2010

My previous TFT did this. After a day or so it just went "phut!" and that was that - new monitor.

  Input Overload 19:19 17 Jan 2010

I had an LG monitor that made an intermittent buzzing noise, two days later it caught fire.

LG were not interested and as at the time there was a lot happening I just bought a new larger Samsung monitor that is better altogether. Later I dismantled it & found the problem was on the input voltage printed circuit.

  Baskerville 20:34 17 Jan 2010

My son has just turned down the brightness and the noise has gone down a lot, we shall keep an eye on it and see if the problem has completely gone or it may return at a later date.

No money in the pot to buy another one if it plays up again, so fingeers crossed !

Many thanks for all the help,


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