tft faulty??

  simonsup 23:07 14 Jul 2006

hi i`ve had my Vuys 19" tft for about 4 months now. Im very pleased with it but recently i have
noticed a couple of tiny black marks on the screen especially on white backgrounds.
Are these pixel dropouts?
If so can they be removed or is it fault.
Can i claim a new tft under warrenty or is this normal?
thanks peeps any help would be grateful.

  woodchip 23:18 14 Jul 2006

It's a fault.

Can i claim a new tft under warranty.

That depends on What it said when you bought the monitor.

It don't cost to ask them

  simonsup 00:04 15 Jul 2006

thanx for replying :)

  SG Atlantis® 00:23 15 Jul 2006

You'll need to read the warranty to see...

It's ddefinately a fault, but some manufacturers allow for a certain number of pixels to be dead and not class it as a fault. Others have 'Zero Pixel Policies' where they consider even one little pixel to be a fault and will change the monitor under warranty.

Be nice on the phone and tell them where the spots are, centre of the screen is more of an issue than the outter edges of it.


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