TFT display breakup

  RoA 08:44 10 Apr 2005

Help! - my Futura 17" TFT screen display has started to breakup. It starts with slight shimmering and progresses within about a minute to complete breakup of the display. Video card is NVIDIA GeForceFX 5200LE. Can sks advise whether this a likely to be a software or a hardware problem? Any help gratefully received.

  Graham ® 09:51 10 Apr 2005

First, check the warranty - most monitors are covered for three years.

Does the screen go dark? If so, the backlight tube has failed.

Print the screen - 'prt scr' button, Paint, Edit, Paste. If the picture can be moved without changing, it's the graphics card that's faulty.

  RoA 10:06 10 Apr 2005

Thanks Graham. I will check the warranty (monitor part of a 12 mnth old Tiny system). I'm not sure what you mean by 'changing' with prnt scrn option. I can copy the screen display into Paint and move it around in all directions within the Paint border without problem - is this what you mean?

  Graham ® 10:19 10 Apr 2005

The Print Screen information comes from the graphics, so it's a snapshot of what is on the screen. If any defects on the snapshot can be viewed anywhere on the Paint screen, that confirms the card is producing the faults.

If, however, the snapshot only changes when moved over a faulty part of the screen, it's the monitor.

  RoA 11:22 10 Apr 2005

Sorry - I have probably not explained this adequately. The problem (started last night) has occured 3 times. Once it starts it progresses rapidly and I would have no chance of copying an image of the screen (complete with interference) into Paint.

  Mr Mistoffelees 11:29 10 Apr 2005

Seems like that might be a problem with the display timing which would a fault with the monitor.

  DieSse 14:25 10 Apr 2005

It's almost certainly a hardware problem - more likely the monitor than the graphics card - prove this by running the monitor on another system - and another montor on yours for complete certainty.

  Fingees 15:33 10 Apr 2005

double check all the pins on the monitor connection lead are OK.

It's very easy to get one pushed in when connecting. This leads to intermittent problems

  PJSE 15:53 10 Apr 2005

Thanks guys - Display has gone altogether and I'm now having to access these postings through another PC. I will work through your suggestions and come back.

  PJSE 15:54 10 Apr 2005

Sorry - for PJSE read ROA

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