TFT Adjustment

  Mastermind 13:18 14 Jan 2005

Just doing some research before buying a TFT. Do they not need the same adjustment capabilities of a good CRT, such as tombstone, pincushion etc.

  Lightchop 14:43 14 Jan 2005

Don't know too much about them having only just invested in a tft screen, but, mine has an 'auto config' box which pops up 2 or 3 times during boot which quickly adjusts the display to fill the screen perfectly. Dont know if all monitors do this though.

  dlguk 14:57 14 Jan 2005

I have a Dell TFT no adjustments required, I did however fall into the trap of setting the resolution to what was suggested. Huh, thumbnail icons? more like nail clipping icons. trying to change it back , well it is not as simple as CTR. I had to use a 'Restore Point'. So a good idea before you do anything with it , when you get it :-)

  Diemmess 15:05 14 Jan 2005

My 17" has an expected array of multi-function buttons which can change almost everything as on a CRT. Set them once and they have never needed further fiddling.

My MAC 1780 is at least 2 years old was a budget buy. The screen is even better than I hoped for. The sound from built-in speakers is awful. It was my big mistake to buy this combined version!

  dlguk 15:38 14 Jan 2005

yep tinny speakers eh? I only have 2 well 3 including the power button one for 'Auto adjust' which one never uses for all the usual CRT setting which I used one to set the brightness, was far to high.

  Rayuk 19:45 14 Jan 2005

Running a tft at anything but its native resolution will only distort the view.

  Technotiger 19:53 14 Jan 2005

I have a 17" similar to Diemmess with built-in spkrs (rubbish sound) and On-screen Menu to change just about everything. Since initial setup, no further adjustments have been needed.
Very pleased with it.


  freaky 21:52 14 Jan 2005

I find it far easier to tune my Flat Panel by using the Graphics Card interface, rather than the controls on the front of the panel.

The Manual does not recommend this for some reason.

As said above, the most important thing to do is set the resolution to 1280 x 1024 which is the normal native resolution for TFT's.

If you find the Icons, Print size etc too small, then this can be easily solved by going into Windows Appearance Properties, and playing around until you find a combination you like.

  @[email protected]!c 22:38 14 Jan 2005

my freind has a tft which i though was cool and i wanted one ..but most of the time it is allways adjusting the resolution..moving from left to right like its calibrating ..i must adnit tft are good.... but from seeing my freinds tft i'm put crt displays one resolution and no screen it a setting on the tft that is wrong or is this the way tft's act regards karl

  @[email protected]!c 22:39 14 Jan 2005

opppppppppppppppppppps sorry Mastermind.i havent hijacked you thread have i?? lol..i will post a new thread if i dont get a response..sorry m8

  Mastermind 09:01 17 Jan 2005

I was thinking of getting the new iiyama E435 but noticed that there wasn't as much scope for adjustment as my CRT. Wondered if this was normal.

Also, what will the in-built speakers be like on the E435?

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