TFT 17" Monitor -V- 19" TFT Monitor?

  freaky 11:34 08 Jul 2005

Currently have my old PC which I use chiefly for work connected to a 19" CRT Iiyama Pro451.

My new PC is connected to an IIyama ProLite 17" TFT model E435S, response time 10msec.

Iiyama have now brought out a 19" TFT with a response time of 8msec. Discounted price £269.

I am extremely pleased with the 17" Iiyama TFT, I want to replace the CRT Monitor with another Iiyama TFT. Am thinking of getting either another 17" or a 19". It would be used for work and game play. What do members think of the relative merits of 17" versus 19" i.e. is the larger screen worth the extra money etc ??

  freaky 16:20 08 Jul 2005


  De Marcus 16:23 08 Jul 2005

£269 for a 19" Ilyama, no contest, thats pretty cheap for such a sized 'quality' tft. I know which one I'd be buying ;-)

  roy 16:32 08 Jul 2005

Hi! That would be the Pro-Lite E481S I presume. I bought one about four weeks ago and am very pleased with it. Had the same thoughts as you before buying it but am sure it was the right decision.

  wiz-king 16:39 08 Jul 2005

on what you want it for, if you see all of the larger screen then go for it, but a lot of people cannot focus over a large screen area if they have it close to them I find a 15 inch is quite good enough for normal work, to focus on a 19 inch I have to sit several feet away or my eyes get tired with having to constantly alter focus -- the joys of old age.

  freaky 18:10 08 Jul 2005

Yes it is the ProLite E481S. Where did you get it because on the Iiyama website it states July 05, but all the suppliers I have searched are waiting for supplies.

  roy 18:22 08 Jul 2005

Hi! I got it from this company. click here Delivered next day, no problems. I see slightly more than you quote but apparently this is because of the strengthening dollar (on new stock). Go for it.

  roy 18:27 08 Jul 2005

PS If in any doubt ring them first. I did.

0800 542 4433


  freaky 15:16 12 Jul 2005

Thanks to all who replied to my post. I have now ordered the 19" Iiyama E481S from the link sent by roy, it is supposed to arrive today.

  roy 18:21 13 Jul 2005

Pleased to hear that. I hope it has arrived. Enjoy.

  freaky 22:00 13 Jul 2005

After much hassle it arrived a day later. It has one dead pixel which is orange. Had some problems loading the Driver, but eventually installed it...canot see any difference though!

What surprised me was that on my ProLite 435S the power supply is via a transformer, whereas this one connects directly to the mains.

It arrived today so cannot make any further comments except that it appears to be a nice piece of equipment. Will make further posts as I progress, will be interested if you have any comments.

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