Text Justify Problem

  SABRE 15:32 15 Oct 2003

I edit a Newsletter and people via various means send me articles. I edit them in MS Word and then 'Select All' and 'Justify'.
Problem is that 90% of the document looks fine but some lines have big gaps between words and I can't seem to sort it. Any ideas?

  keith-236785 15:51 15 Oct 2003

could be character spacing (format/font/character spacing) or (format/paragraph)

also depends on what font has been used to write the original. if your system doesnt have the same font then it will default to your default font ie Times New Roman or Arial.

try highlighting one word and see what font is shown.

also see if tabs have been used (or a table) if it is a table then highlight it all, right click and choose Merge cells. if its tabs then i think you may have to remove them manually.

good luck

  Taff36 16:02 15 Oct 2003

Good suggestions from paperman27. Have you clicked on the show/hide icon (Next to the zoom % - it looks like a musical note) this will reveal spaces and carriage returns throughout the document as well as table cells.

I also edit a Handbook from information supplied by others. The first thing I do is select the entire document and then set the text to one font and one point size. Then using format painter (The paint brush icon) I set all headlines to similar (larger) sizes and then bold sections. This gives the document uniformity and doesn`t take too long from scratch.

Could I also suggest that if you are squeezing words into awkward shapes around images you will get the "Rivers of White" I think you describe. Try making the print area bigger or the font size smaller so more words fill each line and therefore the spacing decreases.

  SABRE 16:19 15 Oct 2003

Thanks for try paperman27 but doesn't seem to be the source of the problem. What I think is happening is that 'justifying' the last line of a paragraph stretches the letters (if it one word) or any words across the page. Its a bloody nuisance.

  Taff36 16:43 15 Oct 2003

Understand the problem now and I`ve seen it before but I can`t recall how it`s solved. Will work on it tonight and post again tomorrow.

  SABRE 17:19 15 Oct 2003

look forward to your response and thanks again!!

  Diemmess 17:34 15 Oct 2003

Try control + Enter on the end of one of these stretched lines , Not sure of the term but I think it is classed as a Soft return. (It doesn't necessarily start a new line)

  Pesala 17:36 15 Oct 2003

If it is the last line of a paragraph that is spread, that is the usual cause. Try formatting from the format menu instead of from the toolbar.

In some programs Justify All is called Force Justify.

  Bagsey 17:57 15 Oct 2003

Are you trying to do a full justify on lines with few words? If so you will always get large gaps between words where there are not enough words to fill the line. Try left or right justification to suit your needs. A full justification is the sort used by newspapers and often finishes up with large gaps (Holidays)

  Taff36 09:32 16 Oct 2003


CTRL+ENTER is a page break - SHIFT+ENTER is the soft carriage return and may work.


You could highlight each last line and ALIGN LEFT as suggested by Bagsey but that is a pain. The problem is, try as I might I can`t replicate your problem which really bugs me. Even formatting from the menu doesn`t seem to make any difference. What version of Word are you using and would you consider sending me a copy of the newsletter for me to look at?

  SABRE 10:10 17 Oct 2003

Especially Taff36. Problem solved. The answer is that you click on the show/hide icon (Next to the zoom % - it looks like a musical note) this will reveal spaces and carriage returns throughout the document. If at the end of a paragraph line there is an 'enter' sign, place your cursor before it then delete it. Then hit the enter button on your keyboard again. After this select the text and 'justify'. All should come out OK.

Thanks again all and well done Taf36.

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