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Text disappears when contacting Ebay

  Hetti 11:35 16 Feb 2019

I need to contact a seller on Ebay but cannot print my messages because the text disappears from the message box after I have entered a couple of letters,this only happens on Ebay, Im trying to get to speak to someone at Ebay but thought it might be quicker to see if anyone could advise from PC Advisor. When I first start to enter text the text was flashing on/off but now it will not show at all just cursor shows on screen but cannot print any text.

  wee eddie 11:58 16 Feb 2019

Write your letter in Word, or whatever you usually use, then Copy and Paste it into the Text Box

  Hetti 12:48 16 Feb 2019

wee eddie That worked, in as much as when I paste it the text appears momentarily then disappears leaving the cursor only, if I then highlight where the text should be the text does appear (as highlighted text) so the seller must get the message , I only wish I could get this sorted.

Thanks wee eddie

  hastelloy 13:22 16 Feb 2019

It sounds to me as if you're printing white text on a white background. If it shows when highlighted change the colour.

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