Text changing when printing on a LAN printer

  Boluwd 19:26 01 Nov 2003

Weird but you've probably got the answer. I've set up file and printer sharing on a simple crossover Cat5 cable network running XPHome as host (ICS enabled) and a Win98SE as client. When I print out a test sheet generated on the Win98, the resulting text printed has some changes specific to three characters. The " changes to ?, the ? sign becomes an ? and the colon ' becomes ?.
In addition a reference is typed on the top of the printed page beginning with INPAIPO,....and a series of numbers.How can the message be removed from the top of the page and why are these vital grammatical characters getting changed into some foreign letters (and NO, they're not Welsh, coz me knows that, see!!!!)?

  Boluwd 20:11 01 Nov 2003

Doh! When I typed the above query i copied the relevant characters from character map accessory but it does'nt work on the web by the looks of things. Anyway, the " becomes an o with two dots above it; the ? becomes an u with a small / above it and the colon sign ' becomes AE but as in AEsop's Fables. Any ideas?

  Boluwd 20:15 01 Nov 2003

Hang on a minute... I'm now typing several pound signs ?????????????, and they are definately pound sterling signs. But when I post the message, these turn into question marks?????. I am doing this on the host machine.

Has the Missus put something other than a Cabernet in this glass I'm drinking or what?

  flecc 20:16 01 Nov 2003

As you've seen, this site also changes the characters!

It's difficult to advise without knowledge of you printer. Not sure how you'd get rid of that header on your printer, but make sure your language on both systems is set to the same, English language. I suspect one is set to United States English. If the one with the printer on it isn't set correctly, after altering it you may have to uninstall and reinstall the printer so that is also configured correctly. I can't be sure on that last point though.

  flecc 20:19 01 Nov 2003

Pound and euro signs change into question marks here, but the almighty dollar is reproduced accurately thus $.


  Boluwd 00:27 03 Nov 2003

I reinstalled the printer as an add another printer on the client machine by browsing to the host, checked on the language settings which seemed ok and now it works!

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