Tevion TV Tuner card

  Rogerfredo 10:57 28 Feb 2004

I have just bought a tuner card from ALDI, but cannot get it to work on windowsME.
When I try to start the application, I get the message "Honestechtv has caused an error in unknown>. Then "runtime error 216 at 0040370E.
I have phoned the helpline, who say others are having this problem, and they are contacting the manufacturers to solve.
Has anyone on this forum had similar probs, or been able to get this to work?

  spuds 11:06 28 Feb 2004

If you do a PCA forum search, you will find that there are about three, possibly more post running on this subject.There would seem to be various problems with this card and the set-up.

  Rogerfredo 11:15 28 Feb 2004

Thanks for the info.
Looks like I may have bought a "pup".
I will wait a few days to see if the helpline solves the prob, otherwise at least Aldi are easy to get a refund.

  Brandane1 16:34 02 Mar 2004

Im running Me and never had a prob, try opening it and loading indevidual progs (keys,
I bought one and it works 100% TV (all 5 Channels) + teletext connected to an out side arial so impressed, my son bought one and i have one for my brother down south

  HtiekGnidrah 11:39 03 Mar 2004

1. Upgrade to DirectX 9.0b and reboot your PC

2. Install Microsoft Patch - NTSC-J, PAL, and SECAM TV Tuner Hotfix for DirectX 9.0b on Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows Server 2003 (KB825116)- This hotfix corrects a flaw in NTSC-J, PAL, and SECAM TV Tuner support introduced by the DirectX 9.0b release. Reboot your PC

I found it then works perfectly (using a Radeon 9700 Pro graphics card anyway)

  SEASHANTY 12:57 03 Mar 2004


  Gemma 14:06 03 Mar 2004

Thanks people, I have just bought the card for an XP system. The download is click here

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