Tevion 19" LCD TV 1901HT ex Aldi - help pls

  jarani 17:50 01 Oct 2008

I bought the above to be used as a monitor
but I am lost on how to get a signal from the PC
I have a vga cable with 14 pins do I need 15 pins
if so where can I get a 15 pin cable

the user guide does not help - only TV setup
can't get through to the support help line
help please

  sinbads 18:16 01 Oct 2008

the vga cable that came with the tv connects to your video card input

  jarani 19:16 01 Oct 2008

sinbads - my package did not have a vga cable included - only a power adaptor and power cord - which is confirmed on page 3 of the User Guide

I supplied my own 14 pin vga cable - I am told that 15 pins are hard to get

do I need to set it up as a TV first ? the screen displays a note - NO SIGNAL

  jarani 19:19 01 Oct 2008

sinbads - judging from an earlier post I think you have the same TV and use it as a monitor - how did you set it up please ?

  sinbads 19:28 01 Oct 2008

Yes thats correct check your empty box as included in the package is a 240/12 transformer with a power lead and vga cable if not go back to aldi and tell them that there is a missing cable in the box connecting is simple vga to pc vid imput tv will autoscan

  jarani 19:53 01 Oct 2008

Sinbads - I will check tomorrow at aldi for the vga cable but it is not listed as contents - I got mine at Reading - does your vga cable have 14 or 15 pins - I would like to kill this one
and stop searching for 15 pins if not needed

  sinbads 19:55 01 Oct 2008

ok Hang on will check

  sinbads 20:10 01 Oct 2008

Ok it is a 15 pin vga connection in your manual say check the accessories

user manual

remote control/batteries

power adaptor and lead

your right it doesn't list it but mine came with one

you can say that you know someone that has bought the same model that has

the manual's specs show's input vga to be 15 pin D-sub.

you have selected pc-rgb from the source?

  jarani 20:46 01 Oct 2008

sinbads - OK thank you - jarani

  sinbads 20:55 01 Oct 2008

click here if you get no joy

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