Testing wireless signal strength

  coolteach 22:08 12 Aug 2006

Can anybody recommend any software to allow me to quickly test signal strength picked up from my wireless router? I would like a little more precise information than 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 bars.


  dms05 10:23 13 Aug 2006

Try Net Stumbler. It's free and works with many WiFi cards. It will give you an actual Signal/Noise (s/n) reading in real time and plot a graph of how it veries with time. click here

  coolteach 12:34 13 Aug 2006

Thanks - I've just followed your recommendation and given it ago. Should the signal/noise ratio be a high value or a low value? I'm thinking as high as possible.

  dms05 15:22 13 Aug 2006

I have two Access Points on my Network. One a few feet away (through a wall) and that measures about 50 db and the other is two floors below and two rooms over and that measures 85 db. Hope that shows you how it works.

  coolteach 11:17 14 Aug 2006

Thaks for all your help so far dms05. One final question - which column are you reading those figures in please?


  dms05 17:46 14 Aug 2006

I look at the graphs of signal strength vs time. I note that on a strong signal the s/n is pretty constant but on a weak signal the s/n varies (sometimes by quite a lot). I suppose it's like listening to the radio on a weak distant transmiter compared to a stronger local one. Hope you are all sorted!

  dms05 17:48 14 Aug 2006

Sorry, should also have said 'if you click on your wifi access point identity it will produce a graph'!

  coolteach 20:10 14 Aug 2006

Thanks! That's my evening taken care of I feel as I mess around with channels! Thanks for your help.

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