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Testing a router to see if it's faulty

  Gordon Freeman 17:34 16 Mar 2020

I had an issue last week with a BT Hub 6 router and wifi last week. For some reason it wasn't working (don't know what the issue was) so, as an interim, & as it was late, I put a plusnet router (it's the white one with a blue light which looks very similar to a BT hub 5) in its place and went through all the nause of resetting passwords on devices in order to get internet access back up & running.

It works, but the problem is doesn't seem as good as the BT hub-6 and wifi is noticeably sluggish despite speed tests giving me comparable speeds. I think its range might not be as good as the BT hub 6.

Is there a way to test the BT hub, other than plugging the thing back in & just seeing if it works, factory resetting or re-entering account log-ins etc, or using the BT hub manager function to tweak or check things? I can do this during the daytime so as to minimise disruption within the house. Thanks.

  Gordon Freeman 20:45 16 Mar 2020

So, no ideas at all? Cheers.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:22 16 Mar 2020

Reconnect and retry is all you can do often with router problems a power rest or factory reset solves the problem.

  Gordon Freeman 21:49 16 Mar 2020

Thanks. At the time it was showing a purple light which I've since gleaned, seems to indicate the router was ok, so I'll rig it up again & get into its settings.

  john bunyan 22:01 16 Mar 2020

Curiously , with a PlusNet router, I sometimes I sometimes lose the wi fi when near the router on a laptop or iPhone. When I go nearer to one of my Devolo magic 2 homeplug wi fi mesh devices on another room I get a better wi fi. Maybe not relevant to your issue but a bit weird.

  Gordon Freeman 17:39 17 Mar 2020

Set it up, sorted the settings, all's well.

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