Testing RAM

  wrg 15:45 18 Jan 2008

I want to test the RAM in my laptop to see if there is a problem with it. Can anyone advise me of the easiest way to do this. I have looked on the internet but most programmes seem to suggest downloading the s/w then rebooting with a cd in to create an ISO image or something like that. Is there any easier way? It is an Inspiron 1520 that came with 1gb. I bought another 1gb from PC world. Every now and then the laptop just freezes and I have to turn it off and I am pretty sure it has been happening since I installed the extra 1gb (which I did a few months ago)

  SANTOS7 15:46 18 Jan 2008

click here

i use this...

  SANTOS7 15:50 18 Jan 2008

click here

you could run the memory upgrade adviser from the link, it will tell you exactly what you can install as an upgade and if you buy from them the modules are guaranteed

  wrg 15:55 18 Jan 2008


Thanks for that. I used memtest but is seemed very slow. I am not sure if I used it properly, I let it just get past 100% and then stopped it. During that period it did not indicate any errors.

  [email protected] 15:55 18 Jan 2008

I had a similar experience where the laptop froze after a memory upgrade but it only happened if i used bluetooth whilst on ac power but not on battery.Everything else was fine.
The best test you can do is remove the module,if that cures it try crucial as linked by SANTOS7

  wrg 15:57 18 Jan 2008

I thought it was doing it during a particular game that I play but it has been doing at other times to, not as much mind you

  SANTOS7 16:04 18 Jan 2008

Could be a overheating problem thats managed to manifest itself at the same time, might be worth looking for signs...

  wrg 16:06 18 Jan 2008

Not so sure that is the problem. I do feel for heat but having said that I probably would not know if it was too hot or not. What other things could I look for concerning this?

Thanks for your input by the way.

  [email protected] 16:14 18 Jan 2008

speaking from my experience and spending hours looking for reasons it could be...

pull the module out first port of call.

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