Test TCP/IP configuration using PING command

  BBW 11:28 25 Nov 2007

I need to test the ping function on my line. I can run the 'ipconfig' command but the DOS screen comes up and disappears immediately. How can I hold it on the screen for me to read the results. It used to do it!
Many thanks for any help.

  MAJ 11:31 25 Nov 2007

Go to Start > Run and type in:


and click OK. Then type into the black box:



and press the Return key on your keyboard.

  MAJ 11:34 25 Nov 2007

To ping an ip address or a site, go to Start > Run and type in:


and then click OK.

Then into the black box, type:

PING click here

and press the Return key.

  MAJ 11:36 25 Nov 2007

The "click here" in my last post should read w ww. pcadvisor .co .uk (without the spaces).

  BBW 11:37 25 Nov 2007

Hi Maj,
Absolutely brilliant, Many thanks for your prompt reply.

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