Test if your ISP is shaping your traffic

  gengiscant 18:46 19 Aug 2011

For those of you who are interested in such things. shaping?

  octal 19:09 19 Aug 2011

My biggest problem is my ping rate, at this time of the evening I can get up to 16% packet loss, so much so it makes it like dailup.

Apparently there is a problem on the router at the server and it isn't going to be fixed until mid October according to the engineers.

  gengiscant 07:35 20 Aug 2011

The only reason I posted this as I had intended moving to O2 but came across a post on their forums that went on for 20 odd pages of people complaining about this and the fact that the information is very difficult to read on the O2 website.

OP here: Throttling

  birdface 09:11 22 Aug 2011


I know you like trying out new programs so found another for you to try.


  gengiscant 09:31 22 Aug 2011


Hmmm,although I do have a Face-book page I have never got into the whole concept so this is not much use to me. As for anti virus and the like, although I have the basics, I very rarely scan and I must admit I cannot remember the last time I had anything nasty and I do a fair bit of torrenting. If I should get anything nasty that I cannot get rid of the I just reinstall,one of the benefits of a small SSD for OS and programs,its just as easy and a lot quicker reinstalling than faffing about trying to make sure whatever caused the problems has gone.

Thanks anyway.

  birdface 10:10 22 Aug 2011

Something new and thought of you.

I know that you always experiment with new programs and thought it may have been up your street.

By the look of it it covers most things but how good it is is a different thing.

Like yourself I am always looking for new or free programs that I think will help.

But having just got Avast Internet Security I was not going to remove it just to try the new program.

I thought the comparison between them looked good.


But then again it may not be as good as the others.

Will need to wait till we get some reviews for it to see how good or bad it is.

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