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  Toria 08:59 21 Feb 2010

I have just installed Microsoft Office 2003 on to my computer and I keep on getting the following error message, I am able to receive e-mails but cannot send out: ERROR MESSEAGE READS: Send test e-mail message: The specified server was found, but there was no response from the server. Please vertify that the port and SSL information is correct. To assess these settings close this dialog, the click More Settings and click on the Advanced Tab. I have POP3 set at 995 and SMTP set at 465.

  onthelimit 09:15 21 Feb 2010

My 2003 outlook is set to ( and defaults to) 110 and 25.

  Toria 09:27 21 Feb 2010

I changed it to 110 and 25 and still did not work and got another error message,UNABLE TO SEND TEST MESSAGE. PLEASE VERIFY THE E-MAIL ADDRESS FIELD. I was not getting that one before, I know my e-mail address is correct.

  QuizMan 10:03 21 Feb 2010

Settings vary depending on your ISP. I use Sky and 995/465 is correct for me. Have you checked your ISP website; they should provide the set up details.

With mine, I also needed to put a tick in the two check boxes for the server requiring an encrypted connection.

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