Tesco.net ANYTIME connection problem

  Brassed Off 13:20 09 Sep 2003

Been unable to access Tesco.net for some days now - dials through OK and authenticates but then hangs.

Using Win XP with latest upgrades/patches. Also using AV and firewall.

Even tried expensive helpline to resolve - told me global viruses are creating huge bandwidth problems.

Helpline gave me additional phone number which worked once only !!!

Is it just me or is this affecting many others ??

  Lozzy 13:27 09 Sep 2003

Re-insert your user ID and Password. You may be surprised!!

  Brassed Off 13:49 09 Sep 2003

lozzy, I will give it a go when return home.

Can you explain the logic.

Wonder why the offical (and extremely rich)helpdesk did not mention your idea ?

I'll be back.

  TommyRed 13:49 09 Sep 2003

I use Tesco.net anytime and have had no problems at all lately. Seeing as your online now e-mail their technical department [email protected] <[email protected]> I have only had to phone them once, but if you can't get online I suppose you've got no choice.TR

  Ironman556 22:02 09 Sep 2003

There was a post about getting disconnected from TESCO (Surftime or equivalent I think) yesterday. Could be that TESCO are under heavy traffic at the moment...

  kench 22:07 09 Sep 2003

same problem started off great then went from bad to worse ask b.t.to turn the gain up on your line.

  steven_frost 22:16 09 Sep 2003

To be honest tesco.net is always having problems my friend uses and is nothing but problems change your ISP is the best thing i can say

  TommyRed 22:56 09 Sep 2003

Once again all I can say is I've had very few problems and if other people are, then it's either were they live or they've a problem with the settings on their PC. TR

  Ironman556 23:16 09 Sep 2003

Before swapping to a package from BT, I used UK Online click here, like all ISP's they have their good/bad days, but they're a decent free ISP if you want to try a different one.

  Brassed Off 07:36 10 Sep 2003

After a few further failed attempts last night I tried Lozzy's idea of constantly reclicking on tesco.net sign on and although messy and sometimes confusing does eventually get a line.

Had a response from [email protected] suggesting I turn off AV and FW - paah, makes no difference and also risky for my pc.

Also sent e-mail compliant to their marketing boss and await a response. Won't hold my breath too long on this one.

Believe tesco.net make use NTL systems.

The tesco telephone support guy did mention the blaster virus and user's XP systems were creating merry hell with their bandwidth and it was this that was screwing up access.

Maybe it is a geographic problem ?

So problem continues up to this point.

  Ironman556 19:29 10 Sep 2003

Had problems with email recently, BT claim it's dues to technical prob;ems and recent virii.

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