Lady Lara 02:10 08 Mar 2010


I bought a USB Stick from Tesco a month ago or so. it cost 2.99 and is 2GB. It is on the website here.... click here

Sadly when I plug it into my Win 7 Laptop it comes up as a card reader and is not in My Computer as a removeable drive. Bewildered !

I have searched for drivers and stuff but cannot find any others to suit. Looked for Technika drivers as well

I have tried and tested this on Win XP and Vista machines and it works

Anyone any thoughts??

  SirMetal 03:39 08 Mar 2010

Have you used an encryption of any kind on the USB device? Also are you sure that the USB slots on your Windows 7 machine are working? and if so have you tried all of the slots?

  Peter 07:18 08 Mar 2010


Was the USB Stick from Tesco on special offer when you bought it? I thought £2.99 was too good to be true. It's £9.97 in your link now.


  EARLR 10:59 08 Mar 2010

Sounds like the driver is missing in W7

Good Luck

  northumbria61 12:41 08 Mar 2010

Does this help Lady Lara?

click here

  Lady Lara 19:57 08 Mar 2010

Yers it was on special offer.... a good price but useless on Win 7 or so it seems. Tried copying drivers form XP to Win 7 machine to no avail.

Sadly the link 'Northumbria61' is for win 98 drivers and is old and out of date.

May just bin it and get another


  Devil Fish 23:24 08 Mar 2010

have sent you electrical helpdesk phone no via your yellow envelope

any o/s xp an beyond should not need drivers for mass storage

bottom line you have picked up a duff one take it back to the non food help desk at tesco and if you get no joy their use the phone no i have sent you

good luck

  Lady Lara 19:02 09 Mar 2010

I actually bought 3 of these......none of them work!

I will take them back and take your advice

Thanks Devil Fish


  chub_tor 19:14 09 Mar 2010

You are not alone in having USB memory sticks not recognised by Windows 7. Google the problem and you will see hundreds of similar instances - including my own. It is an ongoing unresolved problem and it seems to be pot luck as to whether or not a device works. I have two devices expensive branded ones too, they work on my laptop running Windows 7 and on the Vista partition of my desktop and on other machines belonging to friends but not on the Windows 7 partition of my desktop. Something goes wrong on the very first install which stops them from being usable. I have tried everything from registry fixes, removing all the USB drivers to fiddling with the BIOS all to no avail.

If you do take them back to Tesco for an exchange I would try and get a different brand, but even that is no guarantee the new ones will work.

  JessicaD42 18:42 15 Mar 2010

Lady Lara,

It is possible that the hardware you are attempting to use is not compatible with Windows 7 -- have you attempted to use another USB device?

A great resource to verify compatibility for both hardware and software is through the Microsoft Windows 7 Compatibility Center: click here

Microsoft Windows Client Team

  woodchip 19:05 15 Mar 2010

I have had this problem with SD cards, and put it down to not Windows but the computer Hardware i.e Motherboard and or BIOS. Will work in separate card reader and camera but not direct into pc

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