roygbiv 18:57 21 Mar 2005

Forgive me, for asking (In a bit of a panic)

Is this number , for TESCO pay as you go 147012630854****40

I have been caught, when i have been given a premium number by mistake TIA

  Totally-braindead 19:04 21 Mar 2005

Why not have a look on the Tesco website it'll tell you there.

  shizzy 20:13 21 Mar 2005

Don't think it sounds like a premium rate number.

  g0slp 20:21 21 Mar 2005

First impression - 1470 disables 'number withheld' if you have it normally enabled. 1263 is, from memory, the code you dial to route your calls away from BT onto (I think) NTL. 0854 (0845??) is then a lo-call rate, & the following numbers are to a particular phone, (or in this case the ISP's servers), in the same way as your own number.

The reason for the first 1470 is so that Tesco PAYG can verify your account - you will have had to give them your own number on registration, I'm sure. (You won't be able to dial up from another number).

  Buchan 35 22:19 21 Mar 2005

Just what is the offer? Is it 1p per minute or something else? If it`s 1p per minute and you only spend 1 hour on this forum daily for a month you are going to pay £30.00 per month for the privelege.

  Salinger 22:40 21 Mar 2005

Maths - 60x1p = 60px30days = £18

  roygbiv 12:34 22 Mar 2005

Had a email from TESCO support, the number is correct.

Using TESCO payg for now, Broadband in my area from 18 May, so dont want to set up anytime for just a short while.

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