Tesco Hudl and App2SD apps?

  andy.geecee 18:21 18 Dec 2013

Hello and as the title says what is the tried and tested way to fully optimise external SD memory on the Tesco Hudl?

I cant find an option to set default storage to the external SD for apps or photos. Tesco support suggests downloading a file moving app but cant/wont recommend one.

I have tried several App2SD apps. Although Google Play lists them, once installed they wont run on the Hudl. I accessed Google Play and downloaded the apps via the Hudl.

Has anyone found a fix? I would like an app that automatically moves apps, photos etc to the card. I have bought this Hudl for my young son and as clever as 7 year olds are I dont want to teach him file swapping software etc

At the moment it seems I have wasted money on a 32gb sd card if it cant be used.

I would be most grateful for a solution.

Thanks in advance,


  chub_tor 19:05 18 Dec 2013

Most Android tablets can use a File Manager so that you can transfer files to an external SD card. I use this one but I have not tried it on a Hudl.

  andy.geecee 19:38 18 Dec 2013

Thanks, I will have a go with that one.

Ideally I want an app that can tick over in the background so my 7 year old son can just play with the Hudl without anyone having to remember to transfer files.

Thanks again.

  chub_tor 09:39 19 Dec 2013

I know that storing on my SD card happens automatically on my Samsung Tablet for pictures, music and videos but not on all downloads. Let me have another think when I power it up and see if I can remember what in Settings I did to make it do that.

  woodchip 10:55 19 Dec 2013

I use File Manager on My Hudl, it does allow you to move Photos Video and Music to SD card. But Programs may not work if moved, Not tried the last one

  chub_tor 11:01 19 Dec 2013

If you click here you will see a simple way of making your new sd card the default location. You can also use File Manager to transfer any existing photos and videos to the new default location.

  woodchip 11:34 19 Dec 2013

Tried the above on my Hudl, but could not find a way to the My files

  chub_tor 21:15 19 Dec 2013

I guess then that the Hudl does not include the My Files file manager, I had assumed that it came as part of the latest Android OS. You should be able to download a file manager of your choice from play.google.com and that should then give you the option to select your default download location.

  woodchip 23:23 19 Dec 2013

Yes it does that is what I did. Think its MS File Explorer or sum such name

  andy.geecee 18:39 20 Dec 2013

Is there anything that will automatically move apps etc to the card? This is a present for my son and I dont really want to keep on moving files etc. Surely there's an auto app? If only I knew how to write code?!?!?!?

  chub_tor 19:05 20 Dec 2013

Did you click on the link I posted? If so what happened?

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