tesco broadband - has anyone got it yet?

  iamalipaul 22:44 29 Sep 2004

I signed up for tesco bb (seems like a good deal - free modem, no restrictions etc..) but the activation date of 21/9/04 has come and gone. Cant get through on the helpline and mty emails and messages are not answered. I did get a message on 22/9 saying that there was a tech problem with either my line or at the exchange; but BT cust serv say that there is no fault.

I know it must be in demand but I am getting a bit P***** off with it as both offspring want to use the net for GCSE at the same time, which ties up the phone line for my social calls.

so guys and gals, has anyone manged to connect to tesco bb and does it do whatit says on the tin?

thanks in anticpation

  deke 23:03 29 Sep 2004


  Noelg23 23:12 29 Sep 2004

Unless Tesco arent being true to whats happening I would change provider especially if you have children using it for GCSE and stuff...if you contact them again ask them to get in touch with BT Wholesale as its their responsiblity and not yours and if there is a problem they should sort with BT Wholesale and get it done asap...the only way you will know its a fault on your actual phone line is if there was something physically wrong with it but like you said there isnt...so it must be Tesco themself...i myself dont use them but I am sure someone who does will let you know more...

  Eamonncw 23:15 29 Sep 2004

Haven`t got it yet but I won £10 on the lottery tonight.However thanks for this info. I`ll be watching out for a result on this thread as I was interested in Tesco`s offer.

  profi 23:42 29 Sep 2004

I'm still waiting for busy Tesco's promised call back a week later!

  Fred the flour grader 23:48 29 Sep 2004

Not sure what part of the world you are from. I have just gone onto the wireless b roadband from Telewest (Blueyonder). I am over the mooon with it. You set it up yourself without any help from outside ( if you are exsiting Telewest customer) free helpline if you get stuck. Really reliable, really quick, really good value too.
Let Tesco stick to what they do best.....sell beans, milk, bread and stuff. Get hooked upto a proper telecomunications company to get on-line. If you have problems, there is no 3rd party involved, it is the suppliers job to rectify your fault. Not janice on till3.

  Noelg23 23:50 29 Sep 2004

You have tempted fate now Fred...just wait till something bad happens then you will be stuck when Telewest wont asnwer your query...

  Fred the flour grader 00:01 30 Sep 2004

Yeah I know, I should be on a retainer from Telewest. It all stems from a bad time with B(ad) T(ime) six years ago when even the customer service people seemed incapable of answering a simple question. I got really sick of them and vowed nto never go-back.
Up till now I can't fault Telewest. I think they have been everything that a customer could ask for.

Even if they are closer than a width of a hair to bankruptcy....they do a good job all the same.

  Noelg23 00:03 30 Sep 2004

Like i said Fred your tempting fate there...i happen to work for BT...hold on Telewest on the verge on bankruptcy? now thats news!!!

  Fred the flour grader 00:19 30 Sep 2004

That's not news Noelg23, now you are showing BT for what they are.
As in football,like the workplace.....there is no room for loyalty there !!!!

  Noelg23 00:25 30 Sep 2004

Im not really bothered about BT...i dont use them for broadband anyway...and I would never do..

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