Tesco Broadband

  uncle eric 20:44 28 Aug 2004

Hear that Tesco are to launch 512k broadband from 31-Aug-04.

CD-rom sign on packs now in stores but no info found on tesco web pages.

Anyone know how much it will cost ?

  Rioja 22:52 28 Aug 2004

uncle eric,
try this link click here


  uncle eric 11:48 29 Aug 2004

Hi Rioja, Thanks for the info.

So, £19-97 per mth

how does it compare overall with other broadband offers. Any opinions on value for money.

  pcwhizz 12:04 29 Aug 2004

£19.97 month


FREE Setup Modem and evrythin!

I used to have there dial up. Im now with PIPEX at £23.44!

Shame i jumped too quickly as ive only hand broadband for bout 1month or i wud have had this!

Neva mind! Pipex gives me good service!

  _plAsma 12:06 29 Aug 2004

no bandwith cap you say? im about to change my bb isp :p perhaps ill have a look at tesco...

...although it doesnt really feel right having tesco net access :p

  Molded 15:41 29 Aug 2004

It does say on the tesco.net pages that broadband is available in only "selected areas" in the UK.

I cannot see any reference as to where these areas are?

  Graham ® 15:58 29 Aug 2004

One drawback - Technical Support is a Premium Rate number.

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