Tesco and Amazon...

  Simsy 14:10 24 Jun 2006


I'm trying to help a mate with a PC problem, over the phone...

the problem is that he can't get on to the Amazon.co.uk site... in fact he can't get on to any of the amazon European sites, France, germany etc... he can get on to Amazon.com

I've been through all the usual suspects, cookies, temp internet files. He's installed CCleaner, Regseeker and scanned for nasties etc.

He's not a bedinner, and I've talked him through all this on the phone

I'm starting to think that perhaps its a problem that's isp based. (Didn't AOL have an issue with certain sites recently?)

Anyway, he is on dial-up, and his isp is Tesco.

Are there any other Tesco users who can confirm, or otherwise, whether they can get on to Amazon.co.uk

Thanks in anticipation,



  [DELETED] 14:14 24 Jun 2006

What country is he in?

  woodchip 14:15 24 Jun 2006

Search for Host file and put it in another place on your Hard Drive till he as done what he Needs to do then put it back

  Simsy 14:16 24 Jun 2006

In England. In Hatfield, Herts.




  woodchip 14:17 24 Jun 2006

Search for Host file and put it in another place on your Hard Drive till he as done what he Needs to do then put it back.

PS you can edit it in Notepad or WordPad then save it after you remove the Amazon from the list

  [DELETED] 14:17 24 Jun 2006

I'm on Tesco dial up and just connected to Amazon.co.uk no problem as usual.

  Simsy 14:18 24 Jun 2006

is the Host file?

I forgot to mention, he's on Win 98se




  Simsy 14:19 24 Jun 2006

Where in UK are you? Maybe you're on different servers?

I'm clutching at straws here! I also forgot to mention that he was using IE, but I got to to install Firefox, but that made no difference!



  Simsy 14:24 24 Jun 2006

I'll check later.



  woodchip 14:27 24 Jun 2006

In the Windows folder on 98

  Diodorus Siculus 15:41 24 Jun 2006

click here
Hosts file info.

Basically what it does is tell the PC where to look for websites. You look for Amazon.co.uk and the PC will first of all check the hosts file for a reference. If you rename the hosts file to something like hosts.old it will not be valid so the PC will have to go straight to the site if it can.

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