bob308w 12:07 31 Dec 2005

What exactly does "bundled" mean as applied to software?
Also what does "bump" mean, when used as a one-word reply to some threads?

  bremner 12:08 31 Dec 2005

Bump is used to bring a thread back to the top of the list or mark it so it is included in Your Postings.

Bundled means it comes with the computer

  bob308w 12:12 31 Dec 2005

Another mystery sorted !

  Forum Editor 12:15 31 Dec 2005

but of course you can use any word, or even a punctuation mark to equal effect. Sometimes it takes a while for people to respond to a thread, and during that period it can slip off the front page. If you still need help you can bring your thread back to the top of the list by 'bumping' it.

Be warned that we're not keen on people doing this repeatedly - if a thread hasn't had any replies within say, three days the chances are that it will slip into oblivion. Repeatedly bumping such a thread to the top of the front page can irritate other people, who might see it as an attempt at hogging the limelight.

  dmc727 13:43 31 Dec 2005

Computer use is a long and sometimes very steep learning curve – I can’t imagine that anyone ever gets to the top of the hill. Find it is a case of the more you know the less you know.

I’m still wandering somewhere in the foothills: -)

Anyway to my point – as there is often a need to look up computer language one of my preferences is to look here……..

: click here

Well nothing is infallible as the word “bump” is not there, however “bundled” is thank goodness.

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