Terminal adapter(faster than usb??) for isdn

  jeepers 02:32 04 Oct 2003

no bb available to my area so i get isdn, will a terminal apdapter improve my pings any rather than usb connection?



  AndySD 08:06 04 Oct 2003

The slowest data throughput for usb is 1.5Mb/s compared to the 128kb/s for the isdn so no there wont be a difference. But USB tends to be resource hungry on the pc and in gaming it may be an advantage to use the terminal apdapter.

  DieSse 09:07 04 Oct 2003

I'm not quite sure what you mean here. A Terminal Adapter if for ISDN what a Modem is for analogue.

So somewhere in the chain there MUST be a Terminal Adapter.

  AndySD 09:18 04 Oct 2003

I suspect jeepers meant a pci isdn adapter.... but I could be wrong :-))

  graham√ 09:39 04 Oct 2003

An ISDN pci card is the equivalent of an internal modem, a Terminal Adapter is the equivalent of an external modem. They can be thought of as 'digital interfaces'.

A USB connection doesn't need either, the digital signal is plumbed straight into the PC.

There should be no difference in speed, whichever method is used.

  DieSse 10:43 04 Oct 2003

"An ISDN pci card is the equivalent of an internal modem, a Terminal Adapter is the equivalent of an external modem

Nearly right - they're both terminal adapters, much as both types of modems are modems.

  graham√ 10:57 04 Oct 2003

You're quite right, of course. They're both terminal adapters and they're both digital interfaces. I was clarifying the common usage of the terms.

Much as we talk about Broadband modems, we know they are not modems at all. What are they? (Altogether now).

For some reason, 'ISDN Modem' never came into usage.

  jeepers 15:26 04 Oct 2003

i wasnt really clear was i. but you're right i did mean a pci adapter. So it seems that maybe i need to change to a pci card for gaming, or.....maybe just to change my isp to improve things.

  DieSse 23:04 04 Oct 2003

"we know they are not modems at all"

Oh yes they are - MoDem = Modulator/Demodulator.

Since ADSL is a modulation technology - click here - it really is a modem.

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