ten seconds from each song...

  martjc 07:29 07 Mar 2010

...Does anyone know how to fill a cd with just the intro parts of songs? What I need is ten seconds of each song to present in a quiz as a music round.

  mgmcc 07:35 07 Mar 2010

Download "Audacity" and use that to record ten seconds of songs played in the PC, save those "ten seconds" as individual files, then burn them to CD.

  Taff™ 09:04 07 Mar 2010

Agree with mgmcc. Audacity is your answer however 10 seconds for some intros is a bit much - you may have to be clever and pick just a few more or less depending on the song and how well you think your audience will pick it up.

  eedcam 09:31 07 Mar 2010

As said but Audacity wont rip from a cd so best bet is rip with something else say wmm thenimport the whole cd .Then go through each track and select and save the required inaudascitytro from each track
click here

  cocteau48 09:38 07 Mar 2010

If you are editing a ripped track then MP3 Direct Cut click here
does not require the track to be decompressed before editing can take place.

This could save you a "LOT" of time over the number of tracks that you are going to have to edit.

  Eargasm 10:25 07 Mar 2010

Thanks for that link cocteau48 i have always used Audacity, but MP3 Direct Cut has many more advantages.

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