Temps And Fan Speeds !?

  Robotic_Rob 23:00 17 Mar 2004


A mates processor just melted from the fan slowly deciding not to work properly. So you know its slightly *[email protected]: me up, as i dont like to be without my pc for more than more day at a time and i dont like throwing money down the drain. As im going to be buying a new tower this fri/sat.

So is they any program i can use in windows to tell me the temperature around the motherboard/pc? And is they a program that i can use in windows to tell me the speed of all the fans in the pc? If i want to do this will i have to connect temperature gauges and speedo's or something in and around the pc?



  metamorph 23:45 17 Mar 2004

i use asus probe it measures fan speeds temp of MB and cpu and also electical current, unfortunately it came on the driver disc for my new MB, but you may be able to get it or some thing similar try their web site,

ps you can also set it and record data,


  metamorph 23:57 17 Mar 2004

heres a download for ASUS PROBE click here

  gudgulf 00:11 18 Mar 2004

All pentium 4 processors and the latest athlons have thermal sensors and will shut down if overheating occurs.Older Athlons will not do this and self destruct---Have a look at click here for what can happen.

If you are using a pentium 3 or 4 you need not worry unduly about such a failure,if use an athlon then you may well benefit from such a program.

Sadly I do not use one myself so perhaps anyone who does could recommend a good one?

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