Tempratures & Icons

  the kopite 07:40 10 Apr 2005

Hi Guys Two questions for the price of one (the kopite is feeling generous) First despite having more fans than Everton FC my comp is showing a temprature of 60 degrees at idle? and the bounus question is I line my icons up like a company of guardsmen all nice and smart and on reboot they look like a company of wrac,s all over the place (if this remark is not pc I appologise in advance lol)any ideas guys and girls thanks kopite

  €dstowe 07:50 10 Apr 2005

Stuffing a load of fans into a computer case won't necessarily do anything to the temperature. The positioning and direction of airflow of fan(s) has to be carefully considered for them to do anything useful.

The convention is to draw air IN at the front, low down and draw air OUT at the back (about level with the CPU). The fan attached to the CPU normally blows air ON to the heatsink.

Regarding you second question, have you tried right clciking a blank area on the desktop, clicking "Arrange icons by" then ticking "Align to grid" (or any of the other options)?

  goonerbill © ® 09:59 10 Apr 2005

i have my fans set up the other way around. 2 fans drawing cold air in at the back over CPU and GRAPHICS CARD and 1 fan on side of case and 1 at front drawing warm air out.

system temp is always around 31/32C and CPU temp 37/40C.

its all down to lay out, cables and how the air flows around inside the case, on what temps you get.

agree with €dstowe on the second question.

looks like everton in champs league next year :))

  the kopite 12:05 10 Apr 2005

Hi Guys Thanks for your help my setup is two 80mm fans front blowing cold air over hard drives 80mm side mounted fan extracting hot and one 120mm fan at the back extracting hot air plus I have added a larger heat sink with a 40mm fan to my chipset is this ok kopite as for the icons Guys they seem to have sorted themselves out lol

  the kopite 12:06 10 Apr 2005

Ps Gooner was that the chumps cup you mentioned lol kopite

  CurlyWhirly 14:15 10 Apr 2005

What I have done is fit an external 6" case fan that blows cool air over the CPU, Northbridge & graphics card.
My CPU 'idle' temperature is only around 38C and my system temperature is only around 33C which is quite a bit cooler than it was before I fitted the case fan.

I also have the peace of mind that if anything should go wrong with the CPU heatsink fan, my CPU *should* be okay as the case fan would still be providing *some* cooling!

[URL=click here][IMG]click here[/IMG][/URL]

  CurlyWhirly 14:20 10 Apr 2005

First time I used ImageShack here and it didn't come out right :0(

  Technotiger 14:25 10 Apr 2005

Your second click-here looks alright to me?


  CurlyWhirly 14:33 10 Apr 2005

It's the *first* link I am referring to! LOL

  the kopite 14:39 10 Apr 2005

What a earth is that curly whirly it looks impresive lol where did you buy it kopite

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:48 10 Apr 2005

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