Temporary swap Broadband to another PC

  Trikie 22:56 02 Jun 2004

How easy or practicable is it to enable my Blueyonder broadband connection to be linked temporarily to another PC? Ideally I would like it to be swapped backwards and forwards between them throughout just one week.

The other PC has a dial up connection but will be moved to my house when its owner stays with us.

  VoG II 23:00 02 Jun 2004

You will need to register the MAC address of the new PC with BY Technical Support (using Self Care does NOT work) click here

  bvw in bristol 23:03 02 Jun 2004

Turn off your Cable modem, unplug it, wait for 2 or 3 hours and then connect the modem to the new PC.

  VoG II 23:13 02 Jun 2004


  Grey Man 23:26 02 Jun 2004

VoG is right that you need to register the new computer's MAC address with Blueyonder first if using ethernet cables. Find it by typing ipconfig /all in command prompt or DOS (it is called physical address in there)

However when i used the online selfcare to register my MAC address last year, it did work for me

I also think that you need to keep changing the registered MAC addresses every time you switch computer

However, is you use USB instead, you do not need to register the MAC address. All you need is the driver to be installed on both computers

  bvw in bristol 23:41 02 Jun 2004

Sorry, been browsing elsewhere :)

It's changing, MAC address to be linked to your cable modem instead of the CPE MAC address.... but they're not telling anyone just yet......so I'm led to understand.

  VoG II 23:52 02 Jun 2004

We're allowed to browse elsewhere?

Ta for the info - they've kept that quiet.

  sidecar sid 23:54 02 Jun 2004

As Grey Man says if(like me) you have a USB modem you just hve to install the driver and Blueyonder software plus username,password,etc when prompted.I have three PC's which can be instantly connected to Blueyonder internet just by plugging in the modem.

  TomJerry 01:18 03 Jun 2004

Why do not you get a usb datalink cable to network two PCs. £11.97 click here

If you have spare netwrok port on both PC, you can network them using a Cat 5e crossover cable £2.11 click here

Or go wireless with two usb wireless sticks, one for each PC, £17.50 for each click here. You can keep them and use them when the similar situation comeup, i.e. friens stay over for great gaming (you against him/her over two PCs).

  TomJerry 01:21 03 Jun 2004

you can then use both PCs at the same time.

  Trikie 16:45 03 Jun 2004

Thanks everyone. Looks like I'm spoilt for choice.

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