Temporary internet files and slow down in IE

  CurlyWhirly 21:35 09 Aug 2004

I have set my Temporary Internet Files folder at 50mb.
I am on broadband and I was wondering whether to make this larger as what I have noticed is as the limit is approached (say 45mb) IE slows right down like being on 56k dial-up!

Yet when I clear the browser cache everything goes back to normal.
Why is this?
It normally happens about every fortnight.
As I am on broadband should my browser cache be made even SMALLER?
I have set the number of days to keep records in my history folder at 3 days - is this about right?

  stalion 21:37 09 Aug 2004

mine is set to delete all temp and history files everyday

  CurlyWhirly 21:43 09 Aug 2004


I was thinking of doing this mate but what about when you log on to the PC Advisor forum (for example) do you have to keep filling in your password and username?
If I did do this would it mean that every time I go to websites that require a password I would have to type this in evertime?
If so it sounds a real chore!

  stalion 21:46 09 Aug 2004

does not affect it to my knowledge I use this
click here

  CurlyWhirly 21:48 09 Aug 2004

Cheers I will give it a try!

  Chegs ® 00:56 10 Aug 2004

I'm on ADSL,I have my Temp folder set to 10Mbs only,and also ticked the IE option to "Delete on exit" I rarely use IE(Avant is my choice)but I also cfg'ed Avant to delete files on exit, click here click here

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