Temporary Internet Files

  Andybear 09:44 11 Jun 2003

I've got loads of temporary internet files and would like to delete some. I left the ones marked 'cookies' alone but when I pressed delete for the others I got a message, asking me if I'd like to delete the cookies. Are all temporary internet files cookies? I read somewhere that too many temporary internet files can slow up browsing so I'd like to delete some. Thanks.

  Jester2K II 09:50 11 Jun 2003

Close IE, Right click IE icon, click Properties, Click Delete Files in the middle.

  rawprawn 10:15 11 Jun 2003

not all temporary internet files are cookies, they are two different things. Cookies are placed on your computer by web pages you have visited and are there so they can tell if you have visited before, the temp internet file cache it just to help your Page reload faster if you want to open it up again. I delete all temp files as I close my browser & I delete all cookies except the ones I want to keep such as my bank. No harm will come if you delete everything. Go to Control Panel/ internet Options/under the General Tab click Delete Files & if you wish click Delete Cookies. You are right too many Temp files can slow your computer down.

  Gongoozler 10:15 11 Jun 2003

Hi Andybear. Not all Temporary Internet Files are cookies. The majority are copies of web pages or components of web pages that are stored so that if you revisit a web site, your computer can use the stored components and save download time. Cookies are generally stored so that if you revisit a web site, it knows who you are. They will often contain an encrypted version of your password for that site (as in the case of this site). Cookies are always very small text files. The other Temporary Internet Files can be quite large.

In IE, click on Tools - Internet Options. Halfway down the panel you will get the buttons referred to by Jester2K II. (I think the righ clicking of the icon must be a Windows XP thing). You can then click on Delete Cookies or Delete Files. Click on Settings. Then on the new panel, click on View Files. This will let you see just what your Temporary Internet Folder contains. Close the Temporary Internet Files window. Now choose how much of your hard drive you want to allocate to Temporary Internet Files. On my 40G hard drive I have allocated 40M. Just above the "View Files" button you can move the slider or directly type into the window the amount of hard drive space you want to allocate. Then when the allocated space is used up, old files will be dropped off as new ones are added.

  Andsome 10:17 11 Jun 2003

Also with I.E. open. TOOLS/INTERNET OPTIONS/ADVANCED. Then scroll down to the box that says, 'Empty temporary Internet files folder when browser is closed', and ensure that the box is ticked

  Andybear 11:40 11 Jun 2003

I've done everything mentioned above and all is now fine.

Thanks for your help as always - what would I and people like me do without your helpful advice. It's much appreciated.

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