Temporary Internet files

  Sapins 20:35 27 May 2006

I am doing a scan with a-squared and it is showing a large number of Temporary Internet files which show they are in C\Temporary Internet files\\content IE5 plus a string of numbers and letters. If they refer, as I think they do, to Internet Explorer 5, and I have IE6, can I safely delete them?

  recap 20:37 27 May 2006

Yes is the quick answer to your question Sapins. They are Temporary files, and should get deleted when you turn your pc off anyway.

  [DELETED] 20:38 27 May 2006

In IE6 temporary internet files still go into an IE5 folder - why? Ask Bill Gates.

Anyway, anything in there can be deleted.

CleanUp! click here will do a good job of this.

  Sapins 20:59 27 May 2006

You were both sitting there waiting for my post, weren't you? Thanks for replies though.

I have now set IE to delete temporary files on exit. I'm not going to bother with your link VoG™, I have enough anti this and that programmes for now, hope you don't mind!



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