Temporary Internet Files.

  Mozarella 19:54 02 Nov 2004

I`ve recently been updating my computer software and I seem to have a folder I know nothing about. It`s called Temporary Internet Files and a shortcut to it is on my Desktop. On trying to delete it I was sternly rebuffed and told that it could`nt be deleted as it`s required by window to run the system properly. My questions are a) how do I get it off my desktop? and b) what on earth is it doing there in the first place? It`s obviously something I`ve done wrong, but has anyone any ideas. Many thanks in advance.

  Mozarella 20:13 02 Nov 2004

crx1600, thanks a lot mate but I know exactly where they are. All I have to to is click the icon on my desktop and a foreign language unfolds in a manner that would do Excel proud. My problems are what are they doing there? and is there a way to remove them from the desk top. Forgot, my os is xp pro sp2.

  Mozarella 20:36 02 Nov 2004

crx1600, sorry I`ve been away from the PC and an intelligent being ( IB instead of ET) took over, read my thread and told what a duff I`ve been and all I had to do was go to I`net options in C/Panel and click on Delete Files. If you read of a 7 year old being murdered by his loving Father think kindly of an old man who`s losing the plot. Trouble is when we`re in the S/market buying bananas (could be my problem) I need him to open the plastic bag. Do we all? Thanks crx1600 and any others who had/have a laugh. I deserve it.

  Mananin 22:32 02 Nov 2004

Mozarella.Read your posting and the advice you received with interest. Tried the same way to "delete" but there are still over 1700 files which refuse to go. Mananin

  canard 14:41 03 Nov 2004

Go to win explorer-programs-windows-temp internet-contentIE5- expand and delete the [probably]4 folders with alphabet soup names.

  Mozarella 19:15 03 Nov 2004

Just discovered that my 7 year old is not all he`s cracked up to be. As I said I got rid of the folders but I`ve still got an immoveable shortcut on desktop. Help.

  Mozarella 19:16 03 Nov 2004

Sorry, should have said files instead of folders.

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