Temporarily disable firewalls etc.

  Silly Me 12:24 02 Sep 2004

I need to install a digital camera CD but need to temporarily disable any anti-virus and firewall programmes. How do I do this - I can only see uninstal options?

  2neat 12:27 02 Sep 2004

usually next to clock. right click icon and choose disable/exit/close etc. it will reappear on reboot.

  Silly Me 12:32 02 Sep 2004

Thanks but where's the clock?

  spanneress 13:01 02 Sep 2004

Bottom right hand corner of your screen..you should have the time displayed there..if not, look at the other icons displayed there, hover your mouse pointer over them without clicking to identify what they are and once you have determined which is the Av and the firewall, right click and diable. Which opwerating system are you running?

  Silly Me 08:39 03 Sep 2004

I am running Windows XP Prof. I've tried rght clicking on the clock but don't see any options for disabling. The options are:
Adjust date/time
Customise notification
CascaDe windows
Tile HOR
Tile VER
Show Desktop
Task Manager
Lock Taskbar

  Silly Me 08:42 03 Sep 2004

I have also right-clicked on the STOPzilla icon but again there is no option to allow me to disable. I think I should uninstal this one anyway and as far as I know MacAfee is the other virus scanning software I have installed.

  Silly Me 08:45 03 Sep 2004

Please, please, please ignore my comments about right-clicking on the clock - this is really, really silly. I am going to try right clicking on the anti-virus icons on my desktop to see if this achieves anything.

  techpro 08:55 03 Sep 2004

I would strongly advise against disabling any firewall, unless you first physically disconnect the computer from the Internet. It's estimated it takes an unprotected PC on average 20 minutes to get infected. If any software requires disabling your security before you install it, there must be something wrong with it.

  Silly Me 09:14 03 Sep 2004

That's a good point Techpro. I can't seem to disable MacAfee anyway so am going to go the the HP Photosmart website and check with them. I'm only following the advice given in their user manual. I will report back.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:13 03 Sep 2004

You can disable a firewall if you wish, it is the AV that should never be disabled. You can get trojans and viruses but a firewall will not stop them and you have no chance of being hacked on a home computer. Haven't used a firewall for 2 yeras now but I use AVG...never had a problem.


  techpro 12:43 03 Sep 2004

That's bad advice, Gandalf, and very irresponsible of you to post such advice in a forum like this. Hopefully you're up to date with Microsoft security patches and don't have NetBios or file and printer sharing enabled, which is why you haven't had a problem so far.

There have been many worms that spread by exploiting Windows services that are exposed to the world if you don't have a firewall. I'm a professional in this business. You may choose to believe your pals instead of the experts but I have come across many computers that have had anti-virus running but still got infected because there was no firewall, not even the built-in XP one, enabled.

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