Temporarily changing router isp.

  ened 16:50 03 Nov 2008

I am moving this week and the new house has Orange BB. I am with AOL and there will be a ten day delay in going live with AOL.

I can use the existing Orange a/c but the question is do I need to change any router settings?

Presumably I will have to log in to Orange using the Username and password for the existing a/c but I no longer have the router set up to do that with AOL?

Hope this makes sense and that somebody can help.

  Taff™ 08:07 04 Nov 2008

You are basically correct. You will need the username and password for the Orange account and input them into the router via it`s management pages accessible in IE or it`s own User Interface. What type of router (Make & Model) is it?

  ened 08:50 04 Nov 2008

I hope you are still there because I am about to disconnect for the move.

It is a Netgear DG834G.

AOL recently changed the login details which is why I need to know this.

With aol there is no longer the necessity for a password.

I have saved the router settings so that when AOL starts up again I can just restore them and I presume in the meantime I just have to enter the Orange a/c details.

  ened 09:09 04 Nov 2008

I do -but they haven't been used for 18 months.

However the bill has been paid.

  ened 09:17 04 Nov 2008

The Direct Debits are still being taken but no-one has used the BB for all this time.

Presumably it will be active as soon as I log on correctly.

I have a mac code which has gone to AOL.

  ened 09:19 04 Nov 2008

I should add that AOL are starting the transfer process on the day of moving. Tommorrow in fact.

But i am, shortly going to dismantle my PC and pack it.

So I wanted as much information as possible about setting it up at the new address.

  Taff™ 13:05 05 Nov 2008

Missed you but hopefully you can access this. click here for the relevant router and select the downloads links to get to the manual in PDF format.

You need to type into the address bar of IE to access the router configuration pages. Default log in is admin and password but you`ve probably changed these already. You`ll need the Orange User Name & Password. There is a setup wizard which will probably be the quickest method to use.

I seem to remember that AOL`s MTU setting is different so check that it is 1492 for Orange or set to Auto if that`s available.

  ened 09:15 08 Nov 2008

I am now at my new address and am live with Orange.

I missed you because when you were typing we were half way up the motorway.

Many thanks anyway.

It wasn't completely straightforward but a really helpful Orange guy from India gave me the settings I needed and I have now connected (Pretty obviously).

Many thanks once again

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