Temperature Critical.

  curlylad 11:46 31 Mar 2004

My HDD Health window of late opens saying 'Temperature is over critical!It is 46 degrees C. What is a man to do?

  V1PER 11:58 31 Mar 2004

alot of things you could try to stop the heat rising, a new case with better airflow, more case fans ones covering the h.d.d would obviously be the best, well you could even take the side panel off for a quick fix.

  Anator11 12:07 31 Mar 2004

46 isnt really critical, my cpu gets as high as 54C when im running 3dapps so i wouldnt worry about it. Try raising the alarm temperatre to 55 or so

  curlylad 14:06 31 Mar 2004

Thanks guys for posting , I guessed from previous threads that 46 wasn't really too critical a temperature however it still concerns you somewhat when your PC tells you this in the form of a warning window.I believe that there was a free software out there , dont know when or where I saw it , that allowed you to speed up your fan , does anybody know of or remember such a program and if so is it a good idea or not?

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