Temperamental WiFi !!!

  Teddington 11:54 30 Jul 2003

I have a wireless router in the upstairs bedroom and a laptop with a pcmcia wifi card.

sometimes it works really well in the living room (directly underneath the bedroom) but most times it is little or no reception.

I do not have a particully big house.

I am worried I have a faulty card or is this just what its like??

  fitshase 12:22 30 Jul 2003

There may be some pipes in between your bedroom and the living room which are causing interference.

Also, it depends on any other sort of interference from microwaves, etc.

I get the same thing from my wi-fi card. You could try re-positioning the router towards the centre of the house or higher up in the bedroom.

It shouldn't be a problem with your card as the distances quoted are absolute maximums with ideal conditions.



  Bebee 13:45 30 Jul 2003

It's not what it should be like. I have a steady signal at all times. My router is in the cupboard under the stairs, PC upstairs and laptop mainly in the downstairs living room - but picks up a good signal anywhere in the house and in the garden. It does make a small difference to the signal strength depending the the position of the router on the shelf.

I did have some similar problems on the PC when I fitted a new Belkin wireless card, but once running it's been completely stable. Try the laptop in different places to see if it makes a difference (how is it if it's next to the router?). This should eliminate interference, which as fitshase says is entirely possible. Otherwise it might be worth reinstalling the card. Mine seemed very picky about the monitoring software being installed before the card and drivers.

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