Temp page before "proper" website.

  roygbiv 17:42 24 Mar 2008

This is very new to me.

I have been asked to design a website- probaly using Dreamweaver (we already have a domain name).

while this is being done, it has been aggreed to set up a temprary page (like myspace or facebook) to get the communication going.

Any ideas ??

  MAJ 20:53 24 Mar 2008

One page? What do you want on the page? Will it be just a "Site Under Construction" page? If not, explain *exactly* what you are trying to do.

  roygbiv 21:26 24 Mar 2008

Told you I was NEW.

Should be a website ?? (one we could QUICKLY" get up and going, with just basic information/ events/links)
perhaps this might be in operation for up to 12 months?

  MAJ 21:47 24 Mar 2008

Four linked pages maybe, roygbiv.

Page 1. Your index (Home) page, explaining what your site is all about and containing a contact address and number if you wish and explaining that the site is under construction.

Page 2. List of Events?

Page 3. Your links, should they be to similar sites or links to info about the events?

Page 4. An email form so that people can securely email you, with suggestions or whatever?

  Kemistri 22:12 24 Mar 2008

Why "up to 12 months"? That is a very long time to rely on some temporary solution. MAJ's description is not far off covering your needs entirely, I think, dependent upon how many events you have and how much information each needs. If you feel that it could be 12 months before you have completed the project, then I wonder whether it's something that you really want to take on.

  SimpleSimon1 09:59 25 Mar 2008

I was in EXACTLY the same boat as you! My wife needed a web site quickly, I had Dreamweaver and no idea of what to do with it or how web design worked. Consequently, I decided to knock-up a 'quick & dirty' which would meet the initial short-term need and give me time to learn how to do things properly.

If you take a look at click here, this is my quick & dirty. It uses a minimum of 'anything clever' (cos I didn't know how to do anything clever!), a table for the layout and the first version (which lasted for a couple of months) didn't even have a contact form (cos I didn't know how to do one, then).

I found Dreamweaver had a bit of a steep learning curve so a visit to Waterstones provided me with an intro to Dreamweaver. I then tried to just get the basics onto a one-pager. Concentrate on a readable colour scheme (I used the checker at click here but there are quite a few others), a sensible font (a lot of people reckon Verdana is one of the most readable) and providing enough info for people to find useful (even if it is a one pager).

One this is up and running, it gives you time to read up on the subject. This forum is a mine of useful info/links and there is a ton of WebDesign and Dreamweaver 101-type sites on the web. I am now in the process of designing a full standards-compliant, CSS-driven 'proper' web site to replace my one-pager. However, I can do this in my own time, unpressured, secure in the knowledge (because my wife is getting clients via the one-pager) that she's not loosing clients whilst I fiddle around and do things 'properly'.

Good luck

  roygbiv 11:37 26 Mar 2008

I will take a look,

then "GET MY HEAD DOWN".. Alan

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