Temp Int file problems

  Ghloria 11:08 01 Feb 2003

Windows 98 5.5

I have two temp int folders …(1) at C:\WINDOWS\Temporary Internet Files. (2) at C:\WINDOWS\Profiles\NAME\Temporary Internet Files… Temp int folder (1) contains 4 folders of the type "O5ub81qf".. Temp int folder (2) contains folder "Content.IE5" and 10 folders of a similar type and is 20.9MB and yet most of the files shown (about 20) are 1KB cookies… All but 2 of these folders contain the same files….

The problems…"Int Options, Temp Int Files, delete files" and "Disc clean up" don't delete the files… Do I need all of the folders… The "temp int folder menu's do not show any folders within them…The prog "Cookiem" deletes the cookies from the menu's (manually), but after deletion "Content.IE5" folder still shows 20MB held in the sub folders, and why does it allow them in the first place.

Overall, What do I need to do.

Hope this all makes sense.


  leo49 11:41 01 Feb 2003

click here

The above freeware is excellent for cleaning up all this rubbish including stubborn .dat files which take up all the space. Please do take the time to read what the options are and to set them up for your needs.[set to default standard is usually OK].

I see from the other similar thread you were asking about Tweakui - be careful using this - it can be very useful but can have unsuspected seemingly unrelated effects if misused.


  Ghloria 18:25 01 Feb 2003

Installed "Cleanup" as per the link. It deleted 6389 files (118.6MB),,, but Temp int folder (2)folder "Content.IE5" still has 2.73MB in it.

Thanks for the link, getting rid of all those excess must have done a lot of good.

Does the forum think "JV16PowerTools" will do the job


  Ghloria 20:30 01 Feb 2003


  leo49 20:51 01 Feb 2003

As I said previously it's usually the index.dat which takes up the most space - this can't be deleted in Windows but CleanUp! does do it when you reboot.BTW that figure of 2.73MB is quite normal - I delete all my Temp files every night and my figure is 3.4mb accumulated since 10am this morning.

This obviously isn't a one-off permanent solution as these files will be re-created by Windows and will mount up again as you use the Internet, so you should run CleanUp! again whenever the mood takes you.


  Ghloria 21:02 01 Feb 2003

I did'nt realise the implications of the .dat files (newby). Thanks for your help.


  leo49 21:07 01 Feb 2003

Sorry didn't mean to sound grumpy! :o)


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