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  Rossi#1 13:06 04 Sep 2006

Ive just dicovered that mine is hidden which means its choc full of crud.Is there a way of unhiding just that and the temp internet and the history folders while re-hiding the others(ie the system folders etc) so they can be cleaned out by CCleaner?

  recap 13:22 04 Sep 2006

In My Computer go to Tool/Folder Options/View and tick the radio button named "Show Hidden Files and Folders"

  Rossi#1 13:25 04 Sep 2006

I can do that recap but Im hoping to have just the temp folders permenantly shown but keeping the other stuff hidden if you know what I mean?
Or is it safe to show them all and run CCleaner?Then hide them again.

  recap 15:59 04 Sep 2006

The Temp Folder should always be shown Rossi#1. It only keeps the data whilst the computer is turned on, once the computer is turned off, this folder is cleared of it's contents.

  Nortius Maximus 16:43 04 Sep 2006

You can safely remove anything in C:\Windows\Temp that was created before the current Windows session. So the
best time to have it automatically emptied is during boot-up. Here's how to do that:

Select Start, Run, type the command "sysedit" and press Enter to launch the System Configuration Editor. Once
there, go to the autoexec.bat window. That batch file may contain text, or it may be blank. Either way, add
these two lines:

deltree /y c:\windows\temp
md c:\windows\temp

Save the file and exit the program. From now on, you'll get an empty temp folder every time you boot.

taken from click here

  Rossi#1 18:59 04 Sep 2006

Thanks for that tip Nortius.Its still a mystery why the whole Local Settings folder is hidden though.

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